Tim Bluhm

Tim Bluhm

Tim Bluhm
Flynn’s Cabaret and Steakhouse – Felton, CA

Source: ((AKG CK63 > nbobs > Naiant PFA) + (AT943-O > SPSB-1) + (Soundboard)) > DR-680mkii

Lineage: SDHC > Reaper > Flac24/48

Taped and transferred by Alec VanderWoude

Set I

  1. Sorta Surviving
  2. Wall of Early Morning Light
  3. The Bad Always Win
  4. Jimmy West
  5. Harness Makers Song
  6. Guajolote Frio
  7. Jesus Save a Singer
  8. Unsafe and Unsorry
  9. Where I Parked My Mind
  10. A Second Chance
  11. Tierra Deavers
  12. I Still Miss Someone
  13. No Way To Steer
  14. Raining Gravel
  15. Squeaky Wheel
  16. Yours On Me, Mine On You
  17. Kern River
  18. Dell Rio Dan


  1. Clean Me Up
  2. The Only Solution

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